Our License

Legal Clarity

FreeFrontend.dev components are meant to be used freely. Our simple license reflects that.

What is allowed? 👍

All components are free to use

Use them on your personal projects or on your clients websites, as long as you abide by the rest of this license.

Commercial and non-commercial use

You are free to use all components for both commercial and non-commercial purposes.

No attribution required (but is appreciated!)

We understand that attribution is not always possible, so it is not a mandatory requirement.

Adapt and build upon our examples

Get creative, you are free to adapt and build upon our code examples and edit them as you like.

What isn’t allowed? 👎

Don’t sell or redistribute our content as-is

You may not sell or redistribute our components as they are without any modifications or additions.

Don’t use with any competitive product or service to FreeFrontend.dev

You may not use our components in any product or service that competes directly with FreeFrontend.dev.

Don’t assume your right to use our components

If you have any questions or doubts about your right to use our components or the terms of our license, please contact us for clarification.

Something unclear? Click here to contact us.

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